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Cornering lights coding

Following was tested on an 2AT with HU_NBT (idrive 4)

For fog lights when turning :

FEM_BODY >> 3073 C_CLC_ENA = F15Enable

FEM_BODY >> 3073 C_BLC_ENA = F15Enable



FEM_BODY >> 3062 MAPPING_abbiegel_L_output = nsw_l

FEM_BODY >> 3062 MAPPING_abbiegel_R_output = nsw_r

For cornering lights for headlamp

FRM 3400 ALC_AFS_ENABLE (nicht_aktiv – cornering lights disabled, aktiv – cornering lights enabled).

Converting to LED bulbs -coding required

Video In Motion -code settings

How to Enable 5 Blinks for your turning lights indicator-currently only on LCI or EVO hu

Our BMW car has the default setting of 3 turning signal blinks when the indicator stalk was triggered. This may not be sufficient for everybody. It will be fun if we can modify it.

For older models of  F45/F46 (Before Apr 2016 manufacturing month), you can modify the werte value to 04. Note that this parameter will only works when it has “dreimal” (3 times) as an option. 

BDC_BODY3069BLINKZYKLEN_ANZAHL_TIPPwerte=04Change flash count to 5. (4+1)

You can increase the number of blinks up to a 
maximum value of “7” which means the value 
to set is  “werte= 06”.

For newer models who do not have “dreimal” as an option in BLINKZYKLEN_ANZAHL_TIPP, the alternate option is to modify this parameter 
“PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN” with this option “Tippblinken_fuenfmal ” which means set Tip flashes to 5 flashes! 

This will change the default number of flashes to 5 instead of 3.

BDC_BODY3068PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKENTippblinken_fuenfmal (werte=02)Change blink count to 5

Note: Interestingly, this parameter “PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN” can only reveal itself with the latest E-sys 3.28. It will not appear even if you have the latest psdzdata data file.

Want your BMW Air Conditioner Colder?

Do you find that your car’s air conditioning is not cold enough for your liking? 

Do you know that there are regional settings in your air con that you can tune to suit your hot climate like Singapore or Malaysia? Look no further!

Hot climate settings decoded!


The above settings will set the country variant of your car’s air conditioning module (IHKA) to “RoW” (Rest of the World) region and adjusting the temperature offset to negative 3K(Whatever that means..). The Solar sensor threshold setting will help in adjusting the air con vents and blowers to optimize the cooling effect in your car as well.

Your aircon will feel much colder than before! 

What are the common and useful coding options for your BMW F45/F46?

1)   Set “Auto Start Stop” engine disabled as default. 
2)   “Zero” second auto fold mirror upon instead of holding the door knob for 3 seconds for Comfort access enabled cars. Works on your key fob too!
     3)  Blinking turning light: set number of blinks to 5 instead of default 3 blinks during turn signalling. 
4   4) Remembers your last driving mode settings instead of always default to “Comfort”. 
5) Radio and Navigation switched off automatically when driver side door is opened.  
6) Turn on side door handle lights during car reverse to increase visibility. 
7) Air con unit set to “M” as default instead of “A” upon initial startup. 
     8) Hot climate setting for your air con. Localise your car air con country variant setting to “Rest Of the World” instead of default “Europe” or “US” climate setting.  Makes your air con much colder! 
9) Disable Seatbelt reminder on driver side. (For your safety – not recommended!)
    10) Disable welcome 3 GONGS when car starts. 
1  11) Enable “Daytime Running Lights” option in iDrive Menu to manually turn ON/OFF your DRL.
4  12) Enable “Digital Speedometer” in your cluster screen via “BC” button. 

Coding for Easy Entry Seat

Brought to you courtesy of Bro Ian

Fem_Body module :

Easy Entry Seat (also needs SM Module Coding):

30C0 EINSTIEGSH_LN _AKTIV set to : Aktiv


30C0 PRIO_ACHSEN set to : 1 or 2

SM (6d) Module:

Easy Entry Seat (also needs FEM_BODY Module coding):


3012 EAH_VERFAHRWEG_SLV_PHYS werte =00,3C(60mm)