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BMW F45/F46 -Aircon fliter change

DIY Guide: How to change your air con filter

Location Driver’s side seat Foot well

Step 1:
Use a torx screw driver to unscrew the torx screw located under the driver’s steering wheel near the foot resting well as shown below:

Step 2:
Once unscrew, you can take out the plastic cover which will reveal the air con filter holder.

Step 3:
Open the air con filter holder flap by pressing the handle as shown in the highlighted arrow. Your finger should be able to open this flap without any tools but be extra careful to avoid getting cuts.

Step 4:
Once the air con filter holder flap is opened, you will be able to see the air con filter. Take it out for inspection and vacuum or change it if required. Use a pair of pliers if it is difficult for your fingers to pull it out.

Note the air flow arrow direction and make sure to put it back the same way as indicated below.

Youtube Video of replacement:

Musty odour from heating and air conditioning system, evaporator cleaning

All model series


When operating the heating and air conditioning system, a musty odour briefly occurs in the vehicle. This occurs mostly immediately after starting the engine with the air conditioning switched on or after switching off the air conditioning while driving.


The cause for the customer complaint is not a fault in the air conditioning of the vehicle. The formation of odour is due to environmental factor during the operating period of the heating and air conditioning system.

The constant condensation of air humidity at the evaporator over a long operating period of the heating and air conditioning system creates a favourable environment for bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Together with dirt contamination brought in by the fresh air, this may cause microbiological growth on the evaporator and consequently a musty odour.

Regularly changing the microfilter may reduce the entry of dirt contamination and therefore delay or prevent the development of aforementioned customer complaint.

Replacement of the evaporator has no continuous effect as microbiological organisms may redevelop.

Invoicing as warranty is not justifiable as there is no technical fault.

Vehicles concerned:

All series with air conditioning (IHKR) or automatic air conditioning (IHKA).


1. Evaporator cleaning with spray lance

The most efficient and lasting method of eliminating the musty odour from the air conditioning is to clean the evaporator with the aid of a spray lance. With this procedure, the disinfectant is sprayed with high pressure directly on the evaporator.

Description of the operations:

For the detailed description of the procedure for the following series, please see the respective repair instructions:

2. Cleaning with the evaporator cleaning device “Aircomatic”

As an alternative, the evaporator can be cleaned using the “Aircomatic” cleaning system made by WYNN’S. For this purpose, use the “Airco-Clean” cleaning agent made by the same company.

WYNN’S describes this procedure as “Ultrasound procedure”.

The cleaning power using the “ultrasound procedure” is lower as compared to cleaning with a spray lance.

If the “ultrasound procedure” does not bring long-term success due to very severe dirt contamination of the evaporator, clean the evaporator using a spray lance and the heating and air conditioning system cleaning agent.Note:

This procedure is to be used for vehicles for which no spray lance is offered.

Description of the operations:

  • Remove microfilter (replace with new filter after cleaning)
  • Start the vehicle
  • Switch on air conditioning
  • Set temperature control to lowest value
  • For automatic air conditioning (IHKA): Switch off automatic air distribution/supply
  • Select the lowest fan speed
  • Set ventilation to upper body area
  • Adjust air supply to air recirculation function
  • Shake the “Airco-Clean” bottle well
  • Place the ultrasound device upside down
  • Screw in the “Airco-Clean” bottle with its opening facing upwards into the device
  • Return ultrasound device to initial position allowing the contents of the bottle to partially flow into the device
  • Place the ultrasound device in the footwell on the passenger’s side
  • Connect the atomisation hose to the device
  • Place the atomisation hose so that the recirculated air system can take in the emitted vapour wellDo not kink the hose!
  • Connect the ultrasound device using the included cableAtomisation starts!
  • Close vehicle doors and side windows Attention:No one must remain in the vehicle during treatment! 
  • Treatment is complete after approx. 20 minutes and the ultrasound device stops
  • After treatment, open doors and air the vehicle for approx. 5 minutes
  • After treatment pour out the residual liquid in the ultrasound device
  • Briefly rinse the ultrasound device with water 

Parts required:

1. Cleaning with spray lance

Spray lanceOrder/part numberQuantity
-E39/E46/E53/E8364 1 4501
– E65/E66/E67 (left-hand drive vehicle)64 1 2801
– E65/E66/E67 (right-hand drive vehicle)64 1 2901
-E60/E61/E63/E6464 1 4801
– E85/E86 (left-hand drive vehicle)64 1 4901
– E85/E86 (right-hand drive vehicle)64 1 2501
– E81/E82/E87/E88/E90/E91/E92/E93 (left-hand drive vehicle)64 1 2601
– E81/E82/E87/E88/E90/E91/E92/E93 (right-hand drive vehicle)64 1 2701
– E70/E71/E72 (left- and right-hand drive vehicle)64 1 3001
– F01/F02/F03/F04/F06/F07/F10/F11/F12/F13/F18 (left-hand drive vehicle) G01/G02/G08/G29 (left-hand drive vehicle)83 30 2 222 5021
– F01/F02/F03/F04/F06/F07/F10/F11/F12/F13/F18 (right-hand drive vehicle) G01/G02/G08/G29 (right-hand drive vehicle)83 30 2 364 7331
-F20/F21/F22/F23/F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F35/F36/F80/F82/F83/F87(left hand drive vehicle)83 30 2 344 0011
-F20/F21/F22/F23/F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F35/F36/F80/F82/F83/F87 (right-hand drive vehicle)83 30 2 289 6131
-I0183 30 2 413 6531
-F45/F46/F48/F4983 30 2 413 6531
-F54/F55/F56/F57/F6083 30 2 413 6531
-G05/G06/G07/G11/G12/G30/G31/G32/G38/F90 (left-hand drive vehicle)83 30 2 411 7571
-G05/G06/G07/G11/G12/G30/G31/G32/G38/F90 (right-hand drive vehicle)83 30 2 414 9991
Spray gun  
SATA spray pistol81 45 9 429 2171
Heating and air conditioning system cleaning agent  
Heating and air conditioning system cleaning agent (only for cleaning with spray lance!)83 19 2 180 5071

Heating and air conditioning system cleaning agent is used undiluted. No rinsing required.

The spray lance spray gun can be obtained from the special tools online catalogue; the heating and air conditioning system cleaning agent can be obtained directly from BMW Group Parts.

2. Cleaning with the evaporator cleaning device “Aircomatic”

(Valid for all series)

DescriptionPart numberQuantity
Heating and air conditioning system cleaning agent83 19 2 409 6111

Heating and air conditioning system cleaning agent is used undiluted.

The “Aircomatic” cleaning device and the “Airco-Clean” cleaning agent can be obtained directly from BMW Group Parts.

NBT Retrofit original 6.5” to 8.8” screen -coding

codes needed to change settings to cater for a larger screen :

HU_NBT > 3000 HMI > DISPLAY_SIZE_RESOLUTION = 8.8_1280x480
HU_NBT > 3001 EXBOX > DISPLAY_VARIANTE = breites_display

Converting to LED bulbs -coding required

Video In Motion -code settings

How to Enable 5 Blinks for your turning lights indicator-currently only on LCI or EVO hu

Our BMW car has the default setting of 3 turning signal blinks when the indicator stalk was triggered. This may not be sufficient for everybody. It will be fun if we can modify it.

For older models of  F45/F46 (Before Apr 2016 manufacturing month), you can modify the werte value to 04. Note that this parameter will only works when it has “dreimal” (3 times) as an option. 

BDC_BODY3069BLINKZYKLEN_ANZAHL_TIPPwerte=04Change flash count to 5. (4+1)

You can increase the number of blinks up to a 
maximum value of “7” which means the value 
to set is  “werte= 06”.

For newer models who do not have “dreimal” as an option in BLINKZYKLEN_ANZAHL_TIPP, the alternate option is to modify this parameter 
“PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN” with this option “Tippblinken_fuenfmal ” which means set Tip flashes to 5 flashes! 

This will change the default number of flashes to 5 instead of 3.

BDC_BODY3068PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKENTippblinken_fuenfmal (werte=02)Change blink count to 5

Note: Interestingly, this parameter “PIA_DEFAULT_TIPPBLINKEN” can only reveal itself with the latest E-sys 3.28. It will not appear even if you have the latest psdzdata data file.

Want your BMW Air Conditioner Colder?

Do you find that your car’s air conditioning is not cold enough for your liking? 

Do you know that there are regional settings in your air con that you can tune to suit your hot climate like Singapore or Malaysia? Look no further!

Hot climate settings decoded!


The above settings will set the country variant of your car’s air conditioning module (IHKA) to “RoW” (Rest of the World) region and adjusting the temperature offset to negative 3K(Whatever that means..). The Solar sensor threshold setting will help in adjusting the air con vents and blowers to optimize the cooling effect in your car as well.

Your aircon will feel much colder than before! 

What are the common and useful coding options for your BMW F45/F46?

1)   Set “Auto Start Stop” engine disabled as default. 
2)   “Zero” second auto fold mirror upon instead of holding the door knob for 3 seconds for Comfort access enabled cars. Works on your key fob too!
     3)  Blinking turning light: set number of blinks to 5 instead of default 3 blinks during turn signalling. 
4   4) Remembers your last driving mode settings instead of always default to “Comfort”. 
5) Radio and Navigation switched off automatically when driver side door is opened.  
6) Turn on side door handle lights during car reverse to increase visibility. 
7) Air con unit set to “M” as default instead of “A” upon initial startup. 
     8) Hot climate setting for your air con. Localise your car air con country variant setting to “Rest Of the World” instead of default “Europe” or “US” climate setting.  Makes your air con much colder! 
9) Disable Seatbelt reminder on driver side. (For your safety – not recommended!)
    10) Disable welcome 3 GONGS when car starts. 
1  11) Enable “Daytime Running Lights” option in iDrive Menu to manually turn ON/OFF your DRL.
4  12) Enable “Digital Speedometer” in your cluster screen via “BC” button. 

How to change your KEY FOB

Changing your battery in your F-Series BMW Key Fob is easy. Just follow these 5 steps:

1) Press the button and pull out the car key in the direction as indicated by the arrow:

2) Notice the notch at the key fob:

3) Using the same car key, push into the notch and lift the plastic cover up:

4) Slowly lift the plastic cover with your fingers:

5) Presto! Your key fob has been disassembled, exposing the CR 2032 battery. Time to source for a good CR2032 battery and swap it in!

Coding for Easy Entry Seat

Brought to you courtesy of Bro Ian

Fem_Body module :

Easy Entry Seat (also needs SM Module Coding):

30C0 EINSTIEGSH_LN _AKTIV set to : Aktiv


30C0 PRIO_ACHSEN set to : 1 or 2

SM (6d) Module:

Easy Entry Seat (also needs FEM_BODY Module coding):


3012 EAH_VERFAHRWEG_SLV_PHYS werte =00,3C(60mm)


Anyone needs? WTS

Just for Laughs